Learn The Bases Of Photography With SS Academy

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In the digital age, there are many photographs that are taken every day, thanks to the fact that since the arrival of digital cameras, taking a photo costs practically nothing and consequently each of us takes an incredible amount of photos.


Smartphones and their growing ability to take quality photos have strengthened this need, which has spread exponentially worldwide, to continuously take photographs that are often shared on Social Networks.

Taking a photography course is very important, because it allows you to discover the techniques of photography, to acquire the necessary knowledge to use a professional camera and to enrich your vocabulary.

A good photography course is a simple but fundamental step to enter a wonderful world. In fact, spending time in contact with a professional photographer such as Shyam Prasad allows you to learn the basics of photography, from the use of the camera to the various shooting techniques.

The offer is varied and it is possible to choose between courses with specific purposes. Rightly, not everyone wants to become a true professional in photography, so it is essential to choose the right course for your needs.

Rightly, for those approaching the world of photography for the first time, it is advisable to attend a basic course, where the fundamentals of photography are taught, for example, how to properly hold the camera.

Beginner digital photography course online are also very useful for learning the parts of which a camera is composed, what is an aperture or shutter, what is ISO sensitivity and what is the plane of focus.

Furthermore, in the basic courses, in addition to the mechanics of a machine, we also study what is the base on which a beautiful photograph is erected, that is, the photographic composition. The latter is 90% of the success of a photo, since it helps to direct the eyes of the beholder on the main subject.

A well-composed photograph can tell the person looking at the photo where to look, what to look at, and what not.

What is increasingly recommended is to take a classroom course. This is because spending time side by side with a photography professional is always an added value that nothingcan ever give you no matter how well done.

And also, what is equally important, is the possibility of speaking with the teachers, asking questions and receiving adequate answers to our needs.

To conclude, it is important to underline how attending photography classes for beginners near me also helps to open the mind, to be more reflective and to have a different look from others. A photographer who has attended a course is immediately noticeable, even before shooting.

Why choose a photography course at SS Academy? The SS Academy, which has been organizing photography courses for several years, aims to transmit and nurture the passion for photography. Their work is based not only on the explanation of the technique but also on the expressiveness and creativity of photographic culture.

The academy offers its customers the opportunity to meet online, given the situation we are experiencing.

The courses are short, but intense and easily integrated with each other in order to address all aspects ranging from the idea, to the shot and its development. Not only theory, but also a lot of practice, with studio lessons and exits.

Finally, in addition to the subdivision of photography courses into basic, intermediate and advanced, more specific courses have been developed regarding portrait and culinary photographic reportages.

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