What is the use of taking photography classes?

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In recent years, smartphones have declared war on SLR cameras and other compact cameras. They integrate better and better cameras and we often wonder if there are still advantages to taking photos with a real camera instead of the mobile.

But have mobiles really replaced digital cameras? Do they allow to obtain the same quality and the same precision in the results?

Most professionals agree that SLR cameras still have many years ahead of them.

But what are the advantages of investing in a quality camera and learning photography if my mobile phone already allows me to take photos that satisfy me easily and quickly?

Taking beginner digital photography tutorials with LIVE interaction with expert faculties at SS Academy will allow you to discover techniques, vocabulary, satisfaction, legitimacy and endless possibilities.

To be able to talk about photography like a professional

Photography, like many activities, has a specific vocabulary. It is difficult to improvise without knowing the exact terms.

Here are some terms you should know, which are basic to learn photography.

The diaphragm

It is the element of your camera that will determine the opening of the field, as well as the amount of light that will be transmitted to the sensor.

The opening

The aperture corresponds to the diameter of the lens, which is adjusted using the diaphragm. It is used to control the amount of light reaching the sensor, as well as the depth of field of the photo.

The approach

It is about defining the element or elements of your photography on which you want to obtain a more or less precise sharpness. The focus will allow you, for example, to highlight your main subject clearly and make the background more out of focus.

The exposure time

It is the time that your sensor will be exposed to light. Its duration will depend in particular on the brightness and movement of your subject. For example, if you are photographing a rapidly moving item, you will need to use a short exposure time to make it sharp.

To develop your imagination

If you only think about taking photos when the opportunity comes or when an event that deserves to be immortalized is presented, try to reverse your point of view!

What if you start looking for interesting things to photograph? You don’t have to wait for the opportunity to come, but you can provoke it yourself by contacting SS Academy.

For example, you can go for a walk with the sole objective of progressing in photography. You will see the city, landscapes, and scenes or people differently. You will be more attentive to what is happening around you and you will see more potential subjects.

You can also adopt different points of view. Don’t just stick with your point of view, but try to take a photo at the height of a child, a giant, a dog, an ant. This will multiply the field of possibilities! A scene or landscape can change dramatically depending on the height from which you are photographing.

Because the opportunities to display your work are endless

Today, physical exposure is not the only way to advertise your photos. As in many fields, the Internet has revolutionized the possibilities of expressing yourself and exposing your art to everyone.

Convinced? Best online photography or face-to-face classes, find the Professional photography diploma course that suits you best and learn the basics of photography!

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