Dipankar S Kashyap

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From the year 1991 to 2015 establishing a brand called Dipankar Kashyap has not been easy. It all started in pune with the choreographing of a fashion show at the University of Pune. Life took a different turn from a person who was taught to be a teacher in college as a kid , who comes from a family full of teachers n educationists. Back in guwahati with the help of friend Aniruddha Talukar the first garment was designed in the form of a skirt. The fabric of missing tribe of Assam was experimented a lot on and three collection a year as a designer followed-koina, breezing Brahmaputra n missing dreams. Signing mridul guptas film Krishnasura was another turning point as a stylist. Assamese films like maharathi mon tumi mur mathon mur, followed by 12 other Assamese films and also music videos in Assamese was like a bridge building the career. In 2004 directed first film for the small screen bukuwyee bichare which was followed by 8 other films as director 2008 was the turning point when shifting was done to Delhi. As a stylist and choreographer have done numerous shows folios tvc n advt campaigns besides doing magazine and television work. Dipankar Kashyap agency was formed in 2012 and hv coordinated models for various shoots n campaigns 2013 saw the direction of serial INDRADHNU for rang channel in 105 episodes. Today besides being film maker, stylist, choreographer, agency owner, also runs a store in Delhi with exclusive northeastern stuff at malviya nagar .

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